Thursday, April 7, 2016

Aja Monet: Poet, Songwriter, Singer

The Poet, the performer, the singer, the songwriter, the educator, the human rights advocate. Aja Monet is truly a multi-talented woman. Harry Belafonte once referred to her as, “The true definition of an artist.”
Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, this Jamaican/Cuban’s interest in singing, songwriting, and poetry fused together and became real to her at an early age. “I loved songs because of their words and I wanted to wield words the ways some of my favorite emcees and singers did.”
At age 14, Aja began writing poetry and at age 19 she went on to become the youngest winner of the legendary Nuyorican Poet’s CafĂ© Grand Slam. Aja has performed her captivating words in various countries, on various stages, for various people. And plans to release a full length collection of her poetry early next year.
In the interview below, Aja talks about inspiration, writing about hurtful relationships, and the purpose of her Miami-based studio, Smoke Signals.

In what ways did Brooklyn, NY inspire your creativity?

I see Brooklyn as an approach and perspective that informs what I create. I learned to read people in Brooklyn and it prepared me for the world.
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