Wednesday, January 29, 2014

On Hiatus

Since starting this blog in May of 2011 I have always made sure to keep a constant stream of posts updated for your reading pleasure. But, with new opportunities developing I am taking some time off from blogging to focus on other things.

This is not the end though, I definitely plan to revamp the site and return in a month or so. In the mean time, I will not leave you without my opinion and things that catch my attention. This will be done via The Essence of Me's Facebook page. This is where I will repost and comment on things that I normally would blog about. I will also post some my favorite old blog posts from 2011, so be sure to follow the page.

And follow this blog by email so you'll be notified once I get back to bloggin'.

Chat with you soon!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Reasons to Leave Manhattan… for Brooklyn

Brooklyn is the most popular of the five boroughs, yet for some reason New Yorkers rarely want to visit it. Sure, we get why cab drivers cringe when we hop in their car and ask for a trip to Brooklyn, but for Manhattanites, the outer borough should be a welcomed change from the City’s fast-paced lifestyle.
It doesn’t matter if you are a tourist or Manhattan resident, Park Slope should be a must see on your weekend to-see list.
There’s a reason why Park Slope is so popular and rent is close to rivaling its Manhattan neighbor. It has the Botanic Garden, the Brooklyn Museum, a historic public library, and Prospect Park. As with any part of New York City, Park Slope also has its share of fine dining, coffee shops, Pizzerias, but without the Manhattan prices.
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Friday, January 24, 2014

"If You Have To Cry Go Outide"

I was first introduced to fashion publicist Kelly Cutrone's hold nothing back attitude in 
2008, via MTV's reality shows The Hills and The City. 
In each show Kelly employed the shows' main character at her fashion PR company.

Kelly's appearance on these shows
lead to her own 2010 Bravo reality show, Kell on Earth

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I’m Scared to Have Children

*Even though my opinion on having children has slightly changed since this was published, 
I still worry about these things*

“And now we turn to breaking news…” I always cringe when I hear the evening news reporter say that phrase. I never know what kind of catastrophe they are going to report. The news is a constant reminder of the scary and troubled world we live in. After watching endless coverage of the Sandy Hook school shooting and the Boston Marathon bombing, I can honestly say I am scared to have children.
I didn’t always feel this way though. When I was a teenager I would picture myself married with five boys, no girls. But throughout my twenties that picture slowly started to change. Now at age 30, and given all the major tragedies that have taken place within the last couple of years; I have completely changed my mind. Raising a child is a hard enough task. But when you add in all the bad things of this world, the joy of having a child can quickly turn into a fearful situation.
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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Finding Inspiration In Someone Else's Come-Up

I first read the article below on in 2011 when J. Cole's first album Cole World: The Sideline Story was released. Since then the link to this article has sat in my email inbox. 
I keep it there because the story is such a good example of J. Cole's determination. I occasionally re-read it as a reminder of what perseverance can do in one's life. 
It's J. Cole's  come -up story, but it can serve as a source of motivation and inspiration to anyone. 
The article is kind of long, but it's worth the read.

The future looks bright for Roc Nation's first signee. With his debut album hitting stores this week, J.Cole’s hip hop dreams are finally being realized. Damien Scott takes a look back at the days when the forecast was much cloudier.

“Shit, it’s about to rain,” said J. Cole as the two of us stood outside of Baseline Studios in midtown Manhattan, the soundlab where Rocafella Records created many of its biggest songs during its reign over the rap game. The year was 2005. Four years earlier, Jay-Z had recorded his opus,The Blueprint, here. For that reason some considered it hallowed ground. Which is why—despite the falling rain, and despite me wishing Cole would say, “Fuck it, D, let’s roll”—we remained staked outside of 127 West 26th St., hoping for someone to open the door.

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Material Girl: Crown & Princess Rings

In recent months I have made the switch from wearing silver, back to wearing gold jewelry.
In doing so I have been obsessed with finding cute/stylish costume accessories to add to my collection. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Nets vs Knicks Fans

*An interesting take on the NYC/BK rivalry when it was hot and new last year!

New Yorkers love rivalries. Anything to give us an excuse to argue, but surprisingly, there never was a rivalry when it came to the NJ Nets and the NY Knicks.
But everything has changed now that Jay-Z has brought the Nets to Brooklyn. Suddenly, Brooklyn has a reason to get loud.
When it comes to sports, there’s nothing better than watching great moves in a modern arena, especially when your team is winning. But let’s be real, the main thing that makes or breaks a team – is the fans.

Every NBA team has a stereotype when it comes to fans. The Lakers? Famous and Beautiful. The Heat? Energetic and Loud. The Knicks? Arrogant and Cocky. The Nets? hmmm, let me get back to you now that they are Brooklynites.
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Monday, January 13, 2014

How I Keep Stress From Ruling My Body

As I sat at my desk that Tuesday morning I felt an unfamiliar tightness in my chest. It felt like someone’s palm was being pressed down on the area around my heart. As the intense pressure continued my only reaction was to place my hand over my heart; as if that would ease the pain. But it didn’t.
That afternoon, I told my boss how I was feeling. “Tamika, that’s stress and I think you should go home” he said.
I thought he was crazy for suggesting it was stress, but since the pain was so strong I decided to go to the Emergency Room. During my examination I described the pain and its location. In that instant everything changed. I was taken to a room and a few doctors came in and ordered nurses to conduct several tests on me. I asked one of the nurses what was going on, “We want to make sure you didn’t have a heart attack” she said.
“A heart attack, I’m only 27 years old.” I nervously said.
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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Edie Art

I first saw Edie's art during the holiday season at the Union Square Holiday Market in NYC.
Within her own little tent, Edie's art work was on display for purchase. 
And I instantly fell in love with the simple, yet imaginary themes of each painting. 

Monday, January 6, 2014

"Get Over It"

I really dislike when people tell me to "get over it." If I'm sad or upset about something I'll get over it when I'm ready. Not when someone tells me to.

But what happens when you decide to never get over something that happened to you? Or something that didn't work out in your favor?

Recently I had a situation like the latter. Since May of 2013 I had been working towards something I really wanted. I put all my effort into it, made sure to get it completed on time, and waited for a response. While waiting for said response I prayed every day and declared the situation would work out in my favor.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Blessings Jar

What is a blessings jar? Well it's a simple, yet great idea that I came across on Karen It's basically the opposite of a swear jar. With the blessings jar you write down all the great things that happen to you throughout the year.

Then at the end of the year you read through everything in the jar. This is a good way to remind yourself of all the blessings you received during the year.